Salton Sea/Part 2.//November 14, 2013

Salvation Mountain is amazing.

Sara is probably a professional model in her spare time and these two were amazing to photograph.

It was fun watching Dylan play with my pentax.

Finding amazing light in a gorgeous field also amazing. The mosquitos that live there are not so amazing, but it was still the best day.

I love the desert and will never tire of photographing it.


Pentax 6X7 Portra 160 & 800

Canon ae-1 kodak gold 200

Holga 120 Ektar 100

Canon 5dmkii 35mm edited with VSCO


And of course if you missed it, the video Josh made of the day.



  1. <3 you two.

  2. Wow, really nice take on Salvation Mountain! I got to meet Leonard Knight and photograph him there before he left. A remarkable piece of America.

  3. wow! what/where is this place? it looks completely fantasical. beautiful images, and i really liked the short film too :)

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